New ~ 2024 Peterbilt 220 w/ Schwarze M6 Avalanche Street Sweeper

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    New ~ 2024 Peterbilt 220 w/ Schwarze M6 Avalanche Street Sweeper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 220114

  • The Power of Clean with the Peterbilt 220 & Schwarze M6 Avalanche Sweeper

    In a world where environmental cleanliness is no longer a luxury but a mandate, ensuring your streets and community spaces are pristine is pivotal. The Peterbilt 220 equipped with the Schwarze M6 Avalanche sweeper is revolutionizing the way municipalities, waste management companies, and environmental services approach street sweeping tasks. Achieve a new standard of clean with the Peterbilt 220 and Schwarze M6 Avalanche Sweeper. Our equipment is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring you have the best tools to keep your community clean and environmentally safe. Known for its reliability, superior maneuverability, and comfort, it enhances the overall sweeping operation, making it seamless and efficient.

    Key Features:

    • Easy Change Conveyer System: Transform maintenance into a swift and manageable task. This unique system allows for quick repairs or replacements of the conveyor, making it versatile enough to switch from a squeegee type to a belt type conveyor without changing machines.
    • Central Located Control Components: Enhances operational efficiency by providing easy access to control components, reducing downtime and streamlining operations.
    • Illuminated Hopper Interior: Work does not stop when the sun goes down. The illuminated hopper interior ensures visibility, making it easier to operate in low-light conditions.
    • 5 Micron Water Filter System: Outfitting the Schwarze M6 Avalanche with this system emphasizes our commitment to environmental cleanliness. It significantly reduces dust and particulate emissions, ensuring a cleaner sweep and a healthier environment.

    Product Spec Sheet:

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