New ~ 2024 International MV607 w/ Schwarze A7 Tornado TE Street Sweeper


  • STOCK NUMBER: 230106
  • Engine: Cummins
  • Transmission: ORSCHELN
  • Mileage: 2500 / 05.2024
  • Hours: 85 / 05.2024
  • Horsepower: 200
  • Condition Rating: New
  • Rating

  • GVWR Front axle rating Rear axle rating Tag/Push axle rating
    35,000 / 03.2024 12,000 23,000 N/A
  • Warranty Options

  • Warranty Options: 12 MONTHS OR 1200 HOURS
  • New/Used: New
  • Additional Notes: dual steer

    New ~ 2024 International MV607 w/ Schwarze A7 Tornado TE Street Sweeper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 230106

  • The Future of Street Sweeping Has Arrived

    The 2024 International MV607, combined with the powerhouse Schwarze A7 Tornado TE, is redefining what it means to keep our streets clean. Designed for municipalities, street cleaning services, infrastructure maintenance, and city maintenance teams; this innovative solution is here to transform your urban cleaning efforts. The Schwarze® A7 Tornado™, a name synonymous with durability and efficiency, stands at the forefront of regenerative air street sweeping technology. With an impressive 8.4 cubic yard hopper capacity, this heavy-duty sweeper is built to tackle the most challenging urban cleaning tasks.

    Key Features Include:

    • High Efficiency Whisper Wheel Blower & Saw Tooth Screens: Maximizing debris pickup while minimizing noise and fuel consumption.
    • Patent Pending Single Engine Configuration: Offers uncompromised performance with lower operational costs, providing the power you need only when you need it.
    • Selectable “Sweeps in Reverse” Feature: Unparalleled ability to clean every surface thoroughly, leaving no spot untouched.
    • Effective Debris and Pollutant Removal: Including catch basin cleaning and ferrous material collection via a powerful magnet.
    • Reduced Landfill Trips: Maximizing your operational efficiency and environmental credits.
    • Comprehensive Cleaning Capabilities: From vacuum and brush removal of debris to high-pressure washdowns for ADA ramps, ensuring every corner is impeccably clean.

    Product Spec Sheet:

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