New ~ 2024 Isuzu w/ Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper


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    New ~ 2024 Isuzu w/ Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 230105

  • Introducing the 2024 Isuzu w/ Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper

    Take Road Maintenance to the Next Level

    Whether you’re in charge of municipality streets, managing a road maintenance company, or overseeing a fleet, the 2024 Isuzu equipped with the Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper is your ultimate solution for maintaining clean, safe, and inviting roads and public spaces. No CDL required, simplify your operation logistics with a vehicle that doesn’t require a Commercial Driver’s License, enabling a broader range of your team to operate the sweeper.

    Outstanding Features of the A4 Storm

    • Efficient Sweeping Head: Ensures outstanding debris removal on every pass, leaving streets immaculately clean.
    • Enhanced Water Capacity: Boasts up to 197 gallons, reducing downtime for refills and enabling longer, uninterrupted cleaning operations.
    • Superior Dump Height: At a generous 77 inches, facilitating easy and efficient debris disposal.
    • Extended Reach: Including Gutterbroom Extension Override and hand hose, offering unmatched cleaning versatility.
    • Robust Storage: Durable, corrosion-resistant polymer tool boxes safeguard your essential equipment.
    • User-Friendly Controls: Color-coded switches and comprehensive onboard diagnostics make operations smooth and stress-free.

    Customize Your A4 Storm

    • Add More Water: Opt for an additional 66-gallon water tank, bringing your total capacity to an impressive 196 gallons, for extended cleaning capability.
    • Lifetime Hopper Warranty: Protect your investment with a hopper that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime, ensuring peak performance for years to come.
    • Enhanced Flexibility: Choose broom tilt adjustments and additional reach options for ultimate cleaning coverage.

    For municipalities, road maintenance companies, and fleet managers, the 2024 Isuzu with Schwarze A4 Storm Street Sweeper represents a forward-thinking choice. Not only does it promise exceptional cleanliness and improved community health, but it also reflects a commitment to sustainability and efficient operations.

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