Tenax Electra 2.0 Hydro Street Washer

Welcome to the Future of Street Cleaning with Tenax Electra 2.0

Designed for Efficiency and Safety

The Electra 2.0 is a testament to what modern technology can achieve:

  • 100% Electric Operation: Say goodbye to harmful emissions with our 48 Volt electricity operated machine.
  • Extended Autonomy: Delivering up to 10 hours of continuous high-pressure washing and sanitation.
  • Compact Form Factor: Ideal for historical centers, pedestrian zones, bike lanes, and indoor/outdoor small-to-medium-sized areas.
  • Harmonious and Ergonomic: A machine that complements its surroundings while providing top-tier performance.
  • Silent Operation: Reduced noise pollution for night-time urban cleaning, ensuring comfort for residents.
  • Operator Safety: Low voltage operation eliminates health risks and enhances safety.
  • Eco-Conscious Engineering: Elimination of hydraulic circuits means no oil leaks, protecting both the environment and residents.


  • Zero CO2 Emissions: A step towards a cleaner planet.
  • Silent & Efficient: Enhanced energy efficiency with no hydraulic circuits.
  • Safe: Designed with operator and public health in mind.
  • Night-Friendly Cleaning: Improve living quality without disrupting sleep.
  • Cost-Efficient: Save on environmental reclamation costs.


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