New ~ 2024 International MV607 w/ Schwarze A9 Monsoon TE Street Sweeper


  • STOCK NUMBER: 230108
  • Engine: CUMMINS
  • Transmission: ORSCHELN
  • Mileage: 300 / 05.2024
  • Hours: 35 / 05.2024
  • Horsepower: 200
  • Condition Rating: New
  • Rating

  • GVWR Front axle rating Rear axle rating Tag/Push axle rating
    35,000 / 03.2024 12,000 23,000 N/A
  • Warranty Options

  • Warranty Options: 12 MONTHS OR 1200 HOURS
  • New/Used: New

    New ~ 2024 International MV607 w/ Schwarze A9 Monsoon TE Street Sweeper

  • STOCK NUMBER: 230108

  • Discover the Power of the Schwarze A9 Monsoon TE

    The 2024 International MV607, equipped with the Schwarze A9 Monsoon TE, represents the pinnacle of heavy-duty sweeper truck innovation. Designed for the demanding needs of municipalities, waste management companies, and fleet operators, this powerhouse delivers unparalleled capacity, functionality, and operational savings. The Schwarze® A9 Monsoon stands out with a 9.6 cubic yard regenerative air street sweeper hopper, the largest standard hopper in the industry. This means significantly more sweeping time on the streets and minimized downtime for dumping, making it an ideal choice for areas where sweeping isn’t just a job—it’s critical. Equipped with the industry’s largest dump door, the A9 Monsoon facilitates effortless emptying, even when fully packed. Its large flow area saw-tooth drop-down screens allow for maximum debris capacity without clogging, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation.

    Enhanced Operational Features

    • 44” Recessed Gutter Brooms with a shielded broom motor for precise edge cleaning.
    • CAN-Bus Control Panel with backlit switches, text, and icons for easy operation.
    • Large Saw-Tooth Increased Hopper Screen Design for increased debris capacity.
    • 90” Pickup Head and up to 144” Sweep Width for wide and effective sweeping paths.
    • Powerful Height Adjustable, Cab Controlled Self-Dumping Front Magnet for the collection of ferrous materials.

    Product Spec Sheet:

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