Marathon Vert-I-Pack (VIP) Vertical Trash Compactor

Marathon Vert-I-Pack (VIP) Vertical Trash Compactor

Marathon® Vert-I-Pack® (VIP) vertical trash compactors for front load and rear load garbage trucks are ideal for applications where space for a compactor is limited, or where roll-off collection service is not available. The Vert-I-Pack (VIP) vertical trash compactor is designed to handle dry or wet waste and is perfect for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

Vert-I-Pack Benefits:

  • Use for front, side, or rear-feed applications
  • Adjustable to accommodate
  • 4, 6, or 8 cubic-yard containers
  • Low-Profile feed heights
  • Rigid anchoring platform
  • Triple interlock system
  • Available from 3 to 8 cubic-yard capacities


Compactor Features

A Real Space Saver

The Vert-I-Pack is a real space saver. With more than 13 tons of crushing force, it reduces the contents of many non-compacting open containers into one Vert-I-Pack container. This saves time and money as the hauler has just one container to pick up. It also lengthens the time between pick-ups, which can eliminate weekend overflow and the need for expensive special pick-ups.

Fast, Simple Operation

The Vert-I-Pack vertical compactor is designed to simplify compacted waste dumping, save driver time, and substantially reduce maintenance costs. A front-load operator can remove and empty the container in less than 90 seconds. 

Telescoping Legs

The Vert-I-Pack telescoping legs allow for up or down adjustment to accommodate 4, 6, or 8 cubic-yard containers. The process of vertical compaction eliminates all openings in the side of the container from which waste materials can leak or spill. The location of the ram above the refuse prevents trash and liquids from collecting behind the packer panel, which can foul the cylinder or create damage, especially in freezing weather. Integral container guides provide three inches of vertical tolerance, making re-entry fast and smooth.

Unbeatable Versatility

The Marathon line of low-profile Vert-I-Pack compactors range in size from three to eight cubic yards. They are available with feed heights as low as 45″, and in front, rear, or side-feed configurations.

Reversible to Front or Rear Feed

Vert-I-Pack has a reversible feature that allows the unit to be easily converted to a front or rear feed configuration by moving the interchangeable bolt-on container stops. This enables one compactor to be used for a variety of applications.

Triple Lock Door

Triple Lock mechanical door interlock prevents the door from being opened at all times except when the unit is in the proper feeding position. A second interlock prevents the unit from cycling (operating) when the door is in the open position. The third interlock prevents the unit from functioning when the container is not in the proper position.

Protects from Rodents, Odors, and Unwanted Dumping

The Vert-I-Pack keeps refuse inside the unit, unlike unsightly open containers which often attract scavengers and vermin. The Vert-I-Pack also prevents others from dumping refuse into your container since the Vert-I-Pack is key-operated and controlled. The Vert-I-Pack stores refuse in an ozone-rich atmosphere (with optional ozonation device), helps control odors, and manages insects and their larvae.

Simplicity of Use

The Vert-I-Pack is designed with the operator in mind. It has no heavy or clumsy lids to open and close, just a single easy-to-open door.

Controls Pilferage

The Vert-I-Pack controls employee pilferage. The optional security kit (rear-feed and side-feed units only) enables the unit to be fed from inside the building, eliminating the temptation of employees to place merchandise into a box, stash the box in the trash container, and return later to retrieve the merchandise. The locking feature also prevents illegal dumping by third parties into your container. With today’s waste removal costs, it is important to safeguard valuable waste disposal capacity/resources.

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