Marathon Mini-M.A.C. Apartment Trash Compactors

Make Waste Management Effortless with Marathon Mini-M.A.C.

Are you tired of dealing with large and cumbersome waste compactors in your limited space? Discover the Marathon Mini-M.A.C. Apartment Trash Compactors — your compact solution to powerful waste management.

Designed for Space Efficiency

The Marathon Mini-M.A.C. is engineered to fit into smaller areas typically found in the waste disposal rooms of apartments and high-density buildings. Its sleek design is perfect for chute-fed applications in multi-story properties, ensuring a clean and efficient waste solution that doesn’t compromise on living space.

Unmatched Compaction Performance

Experience up to a 4:1 compaction ratio, significantly cutting down on waste volume and reducing the frequency of waste removal. With the Mini-M.A.C., you can keep your facility neat and manageable without the constant need for external waste services.

Advanced Features for Simplified Operations

  • Remote Power Unit: Positioned out of the way for maximized useable space.
  • Single-Side Ratchet: Accessibility and ease-of-operation for quick and simple maintenance.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Safely manage operations with push-button simplicity.
  • Chute-Fed Convenience: Works smoothly with your building’s trash chute system.
  • Safety-First Design: Includes hopper access door with interlock for secure hand-feed applications.
  • Innovative Control System: Utilizes CYCON Life-Xtender Cyclic Control for enhanced durability without the hassle of pressure switches.

Smart Technology Integration

The Mini-M.A.C. is equipped with top-tier technology:

  • Photoelectric Cycle Control: For automated and efficient compaction cycles.
  • Full Container Light: Know at a glance when it’s time for waste removal.
  • CYCON Life-Xtender Cyclic Control System: Extends the life of the compactor through intelligent solid-state circuitry, distancing ourselves from the complexity and limitations of mechanical systems.

A Sustainable Solution

Marathon Equipment is committed to sustainability. With the Mini-M.A.C., you’re not just choosing an efficient compactor; you’re investing in a greener future by reducing the carbon footprint associated with waste management. Don’t let limited space limit your waste management capabilities. Transform the way you manage trash and recycling, reduce costs, and free up space in your facility. Enhance efficiency with the Mini-M.A.C. – where functionality meets convenience in waste management. With Marathon Equipment’s Mini-M.A.C., propel your waste operation forward with precision, innovation, and reliability. Manage more waste with less effort—experience the Marathon difference today.

Waste Management Professionals, Construction Site Operators, and Industrial Facility Managers, it’s time to compact your waste challenges into solutions with Marathon Mini-M.A.C. Take the next step and inquire now.

Compactor Features

Compaction Ratio

Up to 4:1 compaction ratio over uncompacted waste receptacles


Hopper with access door and interlock for hand-feed or chute-feed applications

Container Full

Full container light

Power Unit

Remote power unit

Cycle Control

Photoelectric cycle control

Additional Information