Marathon RJ-250HT Self-Contained Roll-Off Trash Compactor

Transform Your Waste Management with the Marathon RJ-250HT Trash Compactor

Welcome to a new era of efficiency and reliability in waste management. The Marathon RJ-250HT Self-Contained Roll-Off Trash Compactor represents the pinnacle of waste management technology designed to meet the demanding needs of construction companies, recycling centers, and waste management firms.

Optimized Safety and Efficiency

The Marathon Equipment RamJet HT series sets the standard for roll-off self-contained trash compactors. Featuring a generous feed opening and expanded storage capacity, the RJ-250HT is engineered not just for effectiveness, but also for safety. It streamlines the handling process, ensuring a hygienic environment, enhancing employee working conditions, and significantly reducing hauling costs.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Understanding that no two operations are the same, the RJ-250HT can be customized with a variety of loading arrangements. Whether your workflow is better suited to security chute-fed, dock-fed applications, or requires maneuverability in limited spaces, this compactor is tailored to fit perfectly into your operation.

Groundbreaking Features:

  • Great for Liquid-Heavy Waste: The RJ-250HT thrives with waste that has high liquid content, thanks to its Qwik Clean Tank.
  • Durability and Longevity: Empowered by the CYCON Life-Xtender Cyclic Control System, it’s built to last.
  • Large Feed Opening: The exclusive 41″ x 58″ feed opening can accommodate large and bulky items with ease.
  • Continuous Feeding: Keep adding waste while the compactor is operating, without interruption.
  • Powerful Compaction Force: Boasts up to 24 tons of crushing force, minimizing the volume of your waste.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

From easy loading at both ground and dock level to a provided fire hose connection for safety, every feature of the RJ-250HT has been considered with your convenience in mind. Plus, before leaving our factory, each unit undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee leak-proof performance.

Compactor Features

Easy Loading

Easy loading from either ground or dock level.

Large Feed Opening

Exclusive 41″ x 58″ feed opening to handle large, bulky items.

Continuous Feed

Continuous feeding capability — even while the compactor is operating.

Leak-Proof Construction

Factory testing to ensure leak-proof construction

Optional Doghouse

An optional doghouse offers a totally enclosed charge box with heavy-duty latches.

Ram Guide System

The packing ram is supported by specially formulated cast-iron shoes which ride on replaceable wear strips. This exclusive design protects the charge-box floor from the full force of the packing ram, extending its life and dramatically reducing compaction-robbing friction.

Incredible Crushing Force

Up to 24 tons of crushing force to reduce refuse to a fraction of its former size, saving valuable space

Remote Power Pack

Separate from the compactor/container, the Marathon Remote Power Pack remains free of damage caused during hauling to and from disposal sites and free of problems caused by landfill dust. No electrical connections to make or break, two simple-to-use, hydraulic quick disconnects couple the power unit to the packing head. All Marathon Remote Power Packs are built in-house to our quality standards and each unit must pass a series of stringent tests before it can be shipped with the selected compactor.

Qwik Clean Tank Feature

The Qwik Clean Tank feature, standard on all Marathon Equipment RJ-250HT compactors, funnels any liquid seepage which can occur during compaction into an enclosed area underneath the charge-box floor. The liquid is automatically discharged at the disposal site, in effect flushing the container and the area behind the ram. The 12″ high, up to 750-gallon capacity sump area is designed to provide easier hook access for roll-off drivers.

Perfect for Tipper System Applications

The Marathon Equipment RJ-250 HT is the perfect choice for applications requiring a tipper system. These tippers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of operation while keeping equipment investments to a minimum. Carts or containers can be located at individual waste generation sites within the operation, and then emptied into the compactor with the cart-tipper option.

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