Leach Split Rear Loader

Unmatched Efficiency in Waste Management: The Leach Split Rear Loader

Transform your waste management approach with the revolutionary Leach Split Rear Loader, designed for cities and companies set on efficiency and reliability. Engineered for excellence, this refuse truck stands as a paragon of innovation in the waste management industry.

Dual-Stream Collection

  • Engineered for Versatility: Tackles refuse, recyclables, and organics with ease.
  • Powerful Performance: Capable of handling up to 1000 lbs/yd³ without compromising on productivity.

Fast and Focused

  • Dual Tailgates: Each equipped with its hydraulic system for a rapid, 20-second packing cycle.
  • Reliable Operation: Choose from curbside or dual-sided hydraulic control options for operational convenience.

Future-Ready Energy Options

  • Alternative Energy Solutions: Go green with Labrie’s proprietary CNG system or integrate seamlessly with a Battery-Electric chassis.

Specifications To Suit Your Needs

  • Diverse Body Sizes: Options ranging from 25 yd³ to 32 yd³.
  • Flexible Configurations: Select from 50/50, 40/60, or 60/40 split body layouts.
  • Independence in Action: Fully independent tailgates and ejector panels ensure no pre-compaction inside the hopper.
  • Accessibility Designed: Low load sill height at a convenient 6” below the frame.

Targeting Efficacious Waste Management

With the Leach Split Rear Loader, your company or municipality can expect uncompromised performance and adaptability. This garbage truck is not just a vehicle but a leap towards more sustainable, robust, and cost-effective waste collection and management solutions. Whether you represent a bustling city environment or a dedicated environmental service, the Leach Split Rear Loader introduces a new standard of refinement and efficiency in managing waste disposal needs.

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