Labrie MiniMax Helping-Hand Side Loader

Labrie MiniMax Helping-Hand Side Loader: Compact Powerhouse for Waste Management

Tailored Solutions for Each Community’s Needs

The Labrie MiniMax Helping-Hand Side Loader merges unbeatable performance with the agility your waste management tasks demand. Designed with municipalities and environmental services in mind, this refuse truck is the optimal fusion of size and capability—for a cleaner, greener community.

Experience the Agility of Small Scale Operations

Optimize your routes with this compact yet proficient side loader. Whether it’s narrow lanes, dense urban areas, or quiet residential streets, the MiniMax ensures no location is beyond reach.

The Helping-Hand Arm: Precision in Motion

Navigating tight alleys or avoiding obstacles isn’t a challenge with the Helping-Hand arm. Achieving minimal swing-out and boasting an impressive 7-foot reach, efficiency is delivered where it counts.

Boosted Performance, Reduced Footprint

With compaction rates reaching 900 lbs/yd³ and the choice of fully automated or semi-automated operations, the MiniMax doesn’t compromise on efficiency or versatility.

Embrace Sustainable Innovation

Labrie leads with forward-thinking EV and CNG powered options. Commit to sustainability without sacrificing the power you need. Join forces with Labrie to meet today’s environmental challenges.

Strength in Specifications

Craft your solution with 10 yd³ to 14 yd³ body sizes, the trusted Helping Hand™ arm, and the safety-first full eject unloading system. All specs calibrated for the demands of waste management excellence.

Ready for a Cleaner Tomorrow?

Transform the way you think about waste management solutions. Choose the Labrie MiniMax Helping-Hand Side Loader. Connect with us today to learn more about integrating this game-changing vehicle into your fleet.

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