Labrie Automizer Full-Eject Side Loader

Revolutionize Waste Collection with the Labrie Automizer Full-Eject Side Loader

Efficiency, durability, and innovation come together in the Labrie Automizer Full-Eject Side Loader. As a leader in the waste management industry, Labrie presents a side loader that answers the need for both performance and environmental responsibility. Designed for waste industry professionals, municipalities, and fleet managers, our Full-Eject Side Loader is your trusted partner for seamless, automated garbage collection.

Full Eject – When a Tip-to-Dump Truck is Not an Option

The Full Eject feature of the Labrie Automizer sets a new standard for waste collection. By offering a full-ejection mechanism, our trucks eliminate the need for manual or semi-automated processes. With the simple push of a button, the refuse is ejected without the need for additional handling, streamlining collection tasks and reducing operator fatigue.

Leader in Full Ejection Technology

Labrie has been at the forefront of full-ejection technology, with a commitment to enhancing the industry’s efficiency and worker safety. Our proprietary Packer T-Track Guide System and Durascope nitrated packer & ejector cylinder ensure every load is packed and ejected with precision and power, extending the life of your components and reducing maintenance costs.

Right-Hand or Alley-Hand Arm: Strength & Performance Guaranteed

Choose from our Right-Hand or Alley-Hand arm, each engineered for superior performance in specific waste collection applications. The automated arm systems are designed for ease-of-use and are constructed to withstand the toughest collection environments, providing reliable and consistent operation in every scenario.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals with Alternative Energy

The Labrie Automizer Side Loader is not just about efficiency—it’s about embracing a sustainable future. With an option for CNG or seamless integration with a Battery-Electric chassis, our trucks lead the way in providing alternative energy solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on power or performance.

Specifications: Engineered for Excellence

  • Packer T-Track guide system extends packer and wear component life
  • Durascope nitrated packer & ejector cylinder for increased durability
  • Single-piece body walls provide strength and a seamless appearance
  • Multiplex electrical system with onboard diagnostic tools for streamlined maintenance
  • Tapered body design for improved compaction

Discover the Efficiency of Full-Eject Technology

SWS Equipment is dedicated to providing waste management professionals with the most advanced and reliable equipment available. Our Full-Eject Side Loader is a powerful solution for your waste collection needs, designed to enhance productivity, ensure operator comfort, and contribute to a cleaner environment. Make the switch to Labrie and experience the difference today.

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