Leach 2R-III Rear Loader

Leach 2R-III Rear Loader – The Industry’s Versatile Workhorse

Transform your waste management capabilities with the unbeatable strength and versatility of the Leach 2R-III Rear Loader, designed to efficiently handle everything from everyday refuse to heavy-duty construction materials. Its unmatched adaptability makes it ideal for a multitude of applications—residential, commercial, and even demolition. If your business is in waste management solutions, municipal waste collection, or environmental services, the Leach 2R-III Rear Loader is engineered for your success.

Key Features

Unprecedented Capacity for Maximum Productivity

Our industry-leading hopper design combined with powerful 5.5” hydraulic cylinders means you can load more and compact more with fewer cycles. Avoid downtime and make every route more productive.

Commercial Grade Durability

Equipped with a heavy-duty tailgate, the 2R-III tackles bulky items effortlessly. Its hopper/packer combination is optimized for speed and efficiency, minimizing spillage, reducing clean-up times, and boosting customer satisfaction.

Optimized for Residential Collection

The lowest loading sill height at 4.625″ inches minimizes strain on operators, fostering a safer work environment and enhancing productivity. Continued loading during cycling without spillage translates to significant labor savings.

Ready for the Toughest Jobs

Our Heavy-Duty Demolition Model stands up to the rigorous demands of demolition waste with added liners in critical areas and a reinforced packer and carrier panels, ensuring durability and profitability even under the most challenging conditions.

Committed to Sustainable Solutions

In an era focused on alternative energy solutions, the 2R-III paves the way with options for CNG or Electric Vehicle adaptations. Labrie’s proprietary systems ensure that you don’t just meet environmental standards—you set them.

Specifications for Superior Performance

  • Body Sizes: 20 yd³ to 32 yd³ available
  • Compaction: Up to 1000 lbs/yd³
  • Hopper: Large 3.5 yd³ capacity
  • Energy: Fully integrated Labrie CNG systems (50 to 100 DGE available)
  • Hydraulics: 5.5″ packer/carrier operating cylinders

Join the Future of Waste Management

Are you ready to elevate your fleet with the Leach 2R-III Rear Loader? Experience the perfect synergy of strength, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Invest in the refuse truck that’s built to power through any challenge, whatever and wherever it may be.

Discover More about the Leach 2R-III Rear Loader and how it can revolutionize your waste management solutions. With unparalleled functionality and robust design, this garbage truck isn’t just a vehicle—it’s a vital partner in the business of keeping our communities clean and sustainable.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and see the Leach 2R-III in action. Our experts are ready to assist you with any inquiries and guide you to the right solutions for your operations.

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