Stetco 950 Series

Step Up Your Waste Management Game with the Stetco 950 Series

In the realm of industrial waste management, efficiency is key, and the Stetco 950T-13 Series is your gateway to unmatched efficacy. Designed to tackle the heavy, abrasive, and cumbersome detritus that clog stormwater structures, the Stetco 950 Series offers a robust solution with zero liquid discharge. This audacious machine boasts a 13′ hydraulic boom outreach, ensuring no waste remains out of reach, and a stainless steel, watertight debris body with a 6-7 cubic yard capacity, customizable to meet your specific needs.

Superior Waste Handling Capabilities

The Stetco Catch Basin Cleaner (CBC’s) goes where others can’t, delving up to 100′ below ground with its available digging depths, all while adhering to your site’s compliance needs. Whether it’s the load-out rounds, cycle after cycle, the Stetco 950 Series has been rigorously tested to deliver over 140,000 fully loaded cleaning cycles.

The Adaptable Fleet Workhorse

Equipped with a versatile chassis that supports a range of applications, the Stetco 950 Series is a catch basin cleaner and a multi-use vehicle rolled into one, customizable with stabilizers to handle the largest Stetco buckets. It’s not just a standalone solution; it’s the power-assist that your existing fleet, particularly vac-trucks, has been waiting for.

Unlock a Leap in Productivity

Municipalities, industrial facilities, and waste management companies stand to gain a significant edge with the integration of Stetco’s advanced solutions. The 950 Series enhances fleet preparedness by providing economical and robust capabilities that outshine traditional vac-trucks in dealing with heavy-duty waste management tasks.

Trust in Proven Performance

Partner with Stetco, and tap into over six decades of industry expertise. Over the years, Stetco has consistently delivered reliable, innovative waste management solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of a diverse client base. The Stetco 950 Series is no exception, setting a new standard for performance and cost efficiency.

Your Next Step in Industrial Waste Management

Elevate your waste management protocol with a Stetco 950 Series investment. Experience first-hand how this technology transforms operational realities, reduces costs, and enhances compliance. The Stetco 950 stands as the emblem of reliable, efficient, and effective waste management for the modern industry. Embrace the future of waste management today.

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