RapidView Ibak Elite Mainline – Mounted System

Pipeline Camera System Includes:

T76 Tractor
BS 3.5 Controller
KW 305 Cable Reel
Pneumatic Tires
Internal Inclinometer

This RapidView Ibak mainline inspection system has everything you need to inspect larger pipelines up to 120” (3000mm) in diameter.  The ORPHEUS camera delivers impressive picture clarity and bright LED lighting to illuminate large areas.  The ELITE Mainline package includes an internal inclinometer to measure pipe grade accurately, additional pneumatic wheels for improved traction, and other available accessories (Contact a sales team member for more information regarding available accessories).  Upgrade your inspections and tackle larger pipelines with this impressive system!

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of RapidView Elite MainlineMin. Diameter: 6″ (150mm)

maximum diameter of RapidView Elite MainlineMax. Diameter: 120″ (3050mm)

SPECS Premium Mainline Elite Mainline
Tractor T76 w/Lift T76
Cable Reel KW 305 (Synchronized) KW 305 (Synchronized)
Cable 1000′ (300m) 1000′ (300m)
Accessories Large Pneumatic Tires

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