RamVac Tempest Industrial Vacuum Truck

Discover the Power of RAMVAC Tempest Industrial Vacuum Loader

The RAMVAC Tempest Industrial Vacuum Loader is not just any equipment—it’s your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency, safety, and performance in the most demanding environments. Designed for industrial facilities that refuse to compromise, the Tempest sets a new standard in the realm of heavy-duty vacuums and dust extraction solutions.

Maximum Vacuum Power

Experience the apex of vacuum technology with the Tempest Air Loader. Engineered to handle both dry and wet materials with ease, its 28” Hg 5500 CFM positive displacement blower and 8” system deliver extraordinary suction power while maintaining lower noise levels for enhanced operator safety.

Self-Discharging Automatic Filter System

Say goodbye to unnecessary downtime. The Tempest boasts an exclusive self-discharging filter system that automatically cleans the filter house at set intervals during operation, ensuring that you reach the maximum debris capacity without interruption.

Exclusive Knuckle Boom

The Tempest redefines maneuverability and efficiency with its unique, articulating extendable Knuckle Boom. Offering 4.5’ of extension, a total 16’ working length, and 270-degree motion range, it enhances operator ergonomics and cleaning efficacy, making it the only industrial vacuum truck on the market to provide such advanced features.

Unloading Efficiency

Effortlessly offload materials with the Tempest’s fully-opening rear door, standard 50-degree dump angle, and 50” clearance from the splash plate to the ground. Designed for quick and effective material disposal, it turns a task into a breeze.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

The Tempest is as versatile as it is powerful. With a wide array of options including hydro excavation packages, body vibrators for breaking up dry debris, boom catwalks for easy maintenance, and safety features like grounding reels, it’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation.

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