RamVac Full-Size Hydro Excavation Truck

Revolutionize Your Digging Process with the RamVac HX Hydro Excavator Range

When Every Inch Counts, Choose RamVac for Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

The RamVac HX series of Hydro Excavator Trucks are not just tools for the trade; they are full-scale revolutions in efficiency. Tailored for the most demanding excavation projects in construction, municipalities, and utility services, the RamVac lineup – the HX-15, HX-12, and HX-9 – ensures that you’re never left wanting more from your equipment.

The Tailor-Fit Excavators for Your Heavy-Duty Needs

The RamVac HX-15 sets the industry standard with its tridem axle configuration, boasting a whopping 15-cubic-yard debris body and a remarkable 4400 CFM and 18″ blower capacity. And before you hit the market searching, our competitive edge lies in offering a payload capacity that is 2500 lbs higher than what our rivals tout. At the core, every feature hails durability and maximum productivity – from the cyclone separation system to the vacuum enhancer, all while ensuring a 10-micron final filter.

Features Tailored to Enhance Productivity, Safety, and Reliability

Sewer Equipment RamVac has redefined what’s possible with innovative modular systems that allow integration of tailored components, offering unprecedented utility in competitive scenarios. The tridem and tandem-axle configurations provide optimal balance and mobility, while its 320° working radius and 21 to 26-foot boom reach allows operators to navigate challenging terrains and confined spaces with ease.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with NEMA-rated electrical systems, and the safety net of a service network available 24/7. And for those needing to dig with air, the inclusion of an air compressor adds another feather in its cap, making it a perfect match for any sewer or utility equipment fleet.

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