RapidView Premium Mainline – Mounted System

System Includes:

T76 Tractor
KW 305 Cable Reel
BS 3.5 Controller

Conduct video inspections with ease using our Premium Mainline inspection system, designed for 6” – 48” diameter pipeline.  Enjoy the benefits of a powerful synchronized KW 305 cable reel (1000’/300m pull distance), a robust T76 tractor and ORPHEUS camera, and the user-friendly BS3.5 Control Center.  Ensure the safety of your personnel with the built-in cable winch, which can lower the tractor into the manhole with ease, reducing the risk of injury or damage.  Inquire today to learn how quality makes the difference.

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of Rapidview Premium MainlineMin. Diameter: 6" (150mm)

maximum diameter of Rapidview Premium MainlineMax. Diameter: 120" (3050mm)


SPECS Premium Mainline Elite Mainline
Tractor T76 w/Lift T76
Cable Reel KW 305 (Synchronized) KW 305 (Synchronized)
Cable 1000' (300m) 1000' (300m)
Accessories - Large Pneumatic Tires

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