New ~ Larue D45 Loader Mounted Snowblower


  • STOCK NUMBER: 230133
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    New ~ Larue D45 Loader Mounted Snowblower

  • STOCK NUMBER: 230133

  • Larue D45 Loader Mount Snowblower: Unmatched Snow Removal Power

    The Larue D45 Loader Mount Snowblower is engineered for commercial landscapers, snow removal services, and municipalities who face the toughest winter conditions and demand a reliable, high-performance snow clearing solution. With its robust design and unparalleled efficiency, this commercial snowblower is the best investment for any organization looking for a long-term answer to heavy snowfall.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Powerful Performance: The Larue D45 offers outstanding snow-clearing capabilities with its mighty Cummins® turbo-diesel engines. Available in a range from 134 to 365 horsepower, tackle even the most daunting snowdrifts and keep roads, lots, and pathways clear, casting snow up to an impressive 150 feet.
    • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Operations: Our machines are eco-friendly with a certified Stage V engine that meets the strictest emission standards without sacrificing performance. Additionally, with the introduction of three engine performance modes (ECO, INTER, MAX), you have better control to save fuel and reduce operational costs.
    • Innovative Serrated Ribbon Conveyor: The D45 comes armed with a serrated ribbon conveyor designed to excel in urban environments, airports, and mountainous areas. It handles large quantities of freshly fallen snow, perfect for truck loading, and ensuring pathways remain safe and clear.
    • Reduced Operating Costs: Featuring durable parts and easy maintenance, the Larue D45 is built to maximize uptime and minimize the cost of operation, ultimately enhancing return on investment and customer satisfaction.


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