Multihog MH Original Multi-Use Vehicle

Transform Your Operations with the Multihog MH Original Multi-Use Vehicle

Unleash the Power of Versatility and Efficiency

Welcome to the future of all-season utility and compact machinery – the Multihog MH Original Heavy Duty Tractor. Catering specifically to the dynamic needs of municipalities, facility managers, and landscapers, the Multihog MH is the one-stop solution you’ve been searching for.

Why Choose the Multihog MH?

Multi-Use Capability

From snow removal in the biting winter cold to asphalt planing under the summer sun, grass mowing in spring, and hedge cutting in autumn, the Multihog MH does it all. Its versatility is unmatched, making it an essential tool throughout the year.

Operator Comfort and Safety

Operators spend long hours on machinery, and their comfort and safety are paramount. The Multihog MH boasts a large, air-conditioned cabin with 360° visibility, ensuring operators are both comfortable and in control.

Powerful and Eco-Conscious Performance

Powered by a robust 75 HP Kohler engine, the Multihog MH doesn’t just deliver exceptional performance; it also meets tier 4 final emissions requirements, making it a friend to the environment.

Nimble and Efficient

With an articulated body, the Multihog MH excels in maneuverability, easily operating in narrow or restricted areas. Coupled with ergonomic joystick-controlled hydraulics, it promises easy operation and efficiency.

Heavy Duty by Design

A gross vehicle weight of 6000 kg (13,228 lb) allows for attachments to be mounted on both the front and rear, further accentuating its multi-use capability. Ideal for heavy-duty tasks like snow removal and asphalt repair, the Multihog MH is the epitome of strength and durability.

Compact and Robust Specifications

  • Length: 3400 mm (134 in)
  • Width: 1960 mm (77 in)
  • Height: 2400 mm (95 in)
  • Engine: Kohler, 75 HP, diesel, Tier 4 final emissions

The Multihog MH stands as the original model in our lineup and remains our largest, most capable machine for tackling the toughest of tasks.

Secure Your Multihog MH – Your Key to Operational Excellence Awaits.

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