Maren 72 Legacy Series Baler


Maren model 72 Automatic Baler solves scrap handling problems efficiently and economically. For over the past 45 years, hundreds of Maren 72 Automatic Closed Door Manual Tie Balers have been installed across North America and beyond.

The Maren 72 Automatic Baler produces “Mill Size” bales generating maximum revenue for your recycled product and a quick return on investment.

The Maren 72 automatic baler can bale a wide range of waste materials including paper trim, light foil, corrugated set-up box’s, shredded paper. The baler is also offered with an oversize feed hopper and shear knife.

Maren 72 automatic balers can be used in conjunction with pneumatic conveying systems, belt conveyors or feed chutes

A photo-electric eye in the hopper controls the baling operation. When the light beam is Blocked by material, the baling cycle automatically starts and continues until the light beam is no longer blocked. The baler will not operate unless the hopper is filled. A buzzer sounds to alert the operator that the bale is complete. An operator is only needed to release the door, tie off and handle the bale—a part time job.

72 Legacy Series Benefits

  • 72 Shear Baler Automatic Cycle Operation
  • Various Bale Cross Sections & In-Feed hoppers sizes available
  • Hydraulic Safety Door Check
  • Manufactured with name brand Components
  • Built to ANSI & OSHA standards
  • Electrical system is “UL” certified

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