Larue T Series Single Engine Snow Blower

Larue T Series Single Engine Snow Blower

Our T-Series single-engine models offer superior snow removal performance at a high working speed. They’re offered with a total choice of eight blower heads, so whatever you’re faced with we’ve got the versatility it takes to cut it down to size.

The line comes with an impressive range of standard equipment; high-visibility Opti-cab, air-ride driver seat, passenger seat, ergonomic multifunctional joystick & keypad control, joystick-controlled transmission gear, 5.7″ LCD screen, high capacity cab heater, heated mirrors, 12V electrical system, 2 HID lights, 2 cab-mounted LED lights, strobe light, power steering, 4×4 permanent drive, differentials lock, hydrostatic infinitely variable transmission, maintenance free self-adjusting clutch, tungsten carbide skid shoes, high-strength steel scraper blade, Hardox 550 drum, 150 degree drum rotation, two-stage air cleaner, conveyor & impeller reverse function, single-side fuel fill and a block heater. We redefine full-featured, literally.


Agile and efficient, the T60 makes small to medium-sized airports snow removal a walk in the park. It’s compatible with 3 different blower heads with either a ribbon or dual auger conveyor.


Also made for small to medium-sized airports, the T70 has bigger capacity and power to cover your ever more demanding snow removal needs. It comes with a choice of 3 different blower heads with either a ribbon or dual auger conveyor.


Designed for mountain and interstate snow removal operations, the T80 is built tough and capable of withstanding rough handling and terrain. Offered with a choice of two mechanical blower heads.


Safety is our top priority, from the design to production it guides our innovation and engineering. We understand the daily challenges you face, which is why our T-Series single-engine snow blowers are equipped with standard safety features such as joystick safety controls, guardrails, high-resistance tinted and curved windshield, a soundproofed cab (<80 dBA), and bumper to bumper peace-of-mind.


Operators working long shifts require clear lines-of-sight from within the cab. Driver focus helps reduce the chance of error, and that’s where our proprietary high-visibility Opti-cab™ design comes in. It delivers a superior 360° perspective for safer, more precise operation. An off-centered spot casting chute also helps reduce operator fatigue by providing better road visibility. It’s safety that works for everyone.


Engineered for performance and built to last, Larue’s single-engine lineup is equipped with 416 to 755 horsepower turbo-diesel engines. Our units deliver casting distances up to 150 feet, all this while working at high speed. They’ve got power & capacity to spare.


Our heavy-duty units are designed to perform relentlessly under extreme weather conditions. Plus, the parts we make, or install have been rigorously tested and solidly built for maximum durability. Heavy-wear parts are machined from abrasion-resistant Hardox, while still others are engineered from tungsten or chromium carbide, up to 4 times more durable. Larue snow blowers will never let you down.


Our cabin was designed with the operator in mind. Its advanced ergonomics means the job always gets done painlessly. Optimized for comfort & safety, it includes; an ultra-user-friendly multifunctional joystick to control transmission gear as well as RPM and blower head functions, ergonomic keypad to control cab comfort features, LCD screen, power steering, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, soundproofed cab below 80 dBA, pneumatic driver seat, passenger seat, air conditioning/heater, heated mirrors, side window wipers, foot pedal switch for wipers, 12V electrical system and cup holders. These features make an operator’s work easier. Larue is behind some of the most important technological advancements in our segment. Change is good, and we’re leading the way.


Our products are engineered to last and generate maximum uptime. Efficiency, operating cost, ease of maintenance, quick access through catwalks, and commonality of parts between models; are just a few of the considerations that go into the design of each of our units. Plus, our system driveline is protected by safety/shear bolts, preventing damage to key components.


All of our snow blowers are Tier 4 Final and/or Stage V compliant, the strictest emission standards currently in effect. No compromise has been made when it comes to environmental stewardship. And fuel efficiency comes standard on all Larue equipment, so you save, and the planet benefits.


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