Curbtender TomCat Manual Side Loader

Discover the Power of Efficiency with Curbtender’s TomCat Manual Side Loader

Waste management efficiency brought to you by Curbtender – leaders in innovative waste management equipment. Our flagship model, the TomCat Manual Side Loader, is designed to transform how waste management companies, municipalities, and recycling centers handle refuse collection.

Versatility Like No Other: With the TomCat, versatility meets efficiency. This manual side loader is available in a range of sizes, from 6 to 18 cubic yards, and offers multiple configurations including single chamber, split body, or satellite waste transfer options.

Customization at Its Core: We understand that no two waste collection operations are the same. That’s why the TomCat is one of our most customizable refuse trucks. Equip it with cart tippers mounted on both sides, choose from multiple cart tipper types, and enhance safety with features such as strobe lights and hopper covers.

Sustainability and Safety: Our commitment to innovation also means a commitment to sustainability and safety – with the TomCat’s efficient design minimizing environmental impact while ensuring the safety of your workers.


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