Curbtender Titan Front Loader

Unmatched Power and Performance with the Curbtender Titan Front Loader

The Titan stands out with its high compaction heavy-duty front loader capabilities. It comes standard with 8,000 lb single piece bolt-on arms, supported by 4.5″ hydraulic cylinders. This design ensures durability and reliability, even under the toughest conditions.

Innovative Lift Arm

  • Curbtender’s Titan features a patented 3 Piece Lift Arm for added strength and streamlined maintenance. Individual sections can be quickly replaced, reducing downtime and costs. Shipping all three sections on one pallet also brings significant freight savings.

The Cardboard Special

  • To enhance payload capacity, the Titan offers an optional “cardboard package” with improved compaction technology for cardboard material, boosting total payload and material handling efficiency.

Precision Control

  • The Titan’s optional electronic controls package simplifies waste management operations with joystick-controlled container dumping and precise placement. The onboard diagnostics screen provides real-time insights for easier service and maintenance.

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