Curbtender Quantum XL Rear Loader

Discover the Future of Efficient Waste Management with Quantum XL Rear Loader

In a world where efficiency and reliability are crucial, the Quantum XL Rear Loader stands out as a revolutionary solution for municipalities, waste management companies, and city services striving for excellence in environmental stewardship. The cutting-edge Quantum XL Rear Loader is designed to elevate your waste management operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to its unique patented packing mechanism, the Quantum XL boasts a pack cycle completion time of just 15-18 seconds. This state-of-the-art system employs a “swing” design, distinct from the traditional “slide” design found in other models, enabling it to process an impressive 9.5 cubic yards of trash per minute.

Tailored for Commercial Use

Understanding the diverse needs of waste collection, the Quantum XL is purpose-built to accommodate commercial dumpsters with ease. Its 70” wide tailgate offers ample space for efficient collection without the concern of trash overflow or sluggish loading, a common issue with competitor models that rely on “hopper flares” for smaller tailgates. Additionally, when configured for commercial container handling, the Quantum XL comes outfitted with large rubber bumper pads, robustly designed to withstand the rigors of dumpster collection.

Safety and Durability – Our Priorities

At Curbtender, safety is not an option; it’s a standard. All Quantum models, including the XL, are equipped with dual emergency stop switches on the tailgate, ensuring quick and safe operation in any situation. For our Canadian customers or those preferring two-handed operation, multiple Ministry of Labor (MOL) safety control systems are available, providing an extra layer of protection for your team.

Superior Design for Unmatched Accessibility

The Quantum XL’s innovative tailgate design not only supports efficiency but also offers unmatched accessibility in its class. Capable of navigating up to a 15-degree incline, the Quantum XL ensures minimal scraping of the road surface, a testament to its superior ground clearance and thoughtful engineering.

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