Curbtender Fury Rear Loader

Explore the Curbtender Fury Rear Loader: Transforming Waste Management Forever

The Curbtender Fury Rear Loader is here to transform the way municipalities and waste management companies address their daily operations. Designed with precision and catered to the demanding needs of fleet managers, the Fury rear loader is not just another truck; it’s the solution you’ve been searching for. Available in 20 and 25 cubic yard models, it’s built to accommodate any route, any day, ensuring nothing slows down your operations.

Key Features:

  • Curved, Chiseled Body Sidewall: A testament to both form and function, providing durability and efficiency in waste compaction.
  • Split Tailgate: Our unique split tailgate feature sets the Fury apart, allowing the top portion of the tailgate to be unbolted and hydraulically lifted for unparalleled ease in servicing the packing panel.
  • Auto Back-pack & Engine Accelerator: Keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently, no matter the load.
  • Safety First: With a standard 30X34” access door (street-side), backup alarm, driver alert buzzer (curbside), and LED S/T/T and Work Lights, the Fury prioritizes your crew’s safety above all.
  • Trustworthy Warranty: Offering a 12-month Body and 24-month Cylinder Warranty, we stand firmly behind the quality and reliability of the Fury.

Optional Additions for Custom Needs:

  • From a 12,000 lb. Reeving winch or an 8,000 lb. Overhead Drum winch to a hydraulically operated roll bar and single or dual cart tippers, customize the Fury to suit your specific requirements.
  • Don’t miss a thing with our optional rear camera system, featuring a 5” color LCD for enhanced rear visibility and safety.


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