RapidView Ibak Core HD System – Mounted System

Mounted Systems

System includes:

T66 HD Tractor
KW 505 Cable Reel
BS 7.0 Controller


Elevate your inspections with the clarity of high-definition resolution. With the ORPHEUS HD and the T66 HD Tractor, you have the tools to inspect 80% of the world’s pipelines. The ORPHEUS HD delivers crystal-clear digital HD picture quality, complemented by bright LED lights that illuminate some of the world’s largest pipelines. The T66 HD Tractor is ideal for inspections in pipelines 6”-18” diameter, and a T76 HD or T86 HD can always be added later if you are in larger pipelines on a regular basis. Enter the world of HD inspections with this comprehensive system.

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter of Core HDMin. Diameter: 6″ (100mm)

maximum diameter of Core HDMax. Diameter:  120″ (3050mm)


SPECIFICATIONS Core HD Package Premium HD Package
Tractor T66 HD T76 HD
Cable Reel KW 505 HD KW 505 HD
Control Unit BS 7.0 BS 7.0
Cable Length 1000′ (300m) 1656′ (500m)

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