Maren ProPAK 2R185 Baler


The Model ProPAK 2R185 is a fully automatic 2 RAM baler. The extra large feeder hopper can be adapted to gravity, pneumatic or belt conveyor automatic feed devices. After each bale is made, the chamber completely clears—so go ahead, switch materials on the fly—without making unwanted contaminated bales. A built-in shear eliminates the unnecessary extra step of “pre-conditioning” difficult materials. Using either Accent 470 or L.P. Pinnacle II wire-tie systems, the bale gets tied underneath and the short way: saving wire, increasing bale density and holding bales together better during transportation. This adds up to time and money savings!

ProPAK 2R185 Benefits

  • Interlocking construction; stress is barred on steel not welds
  • Chassis floor, sides, and top are single sheet plate steel
  • No metal to metal contact in baling chamber platen guides on Nyoil wear bearings
  • Abrasion resistant 450 hardened wear liners eliminate costly floor replacements
  • Progressive shear cuts material over a distance allowing difficult materials to pass without jams
  • Machine can be greased from exterior
  • 140 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir shipped full of oil—no oil to buy
  • Pressure sensing clogged oil filter sensor eliminates wasteful time based maintenance practices by notifying operator when filter actually warrants replacement
  • Ram position based on laser distancing (no moveable wear items such as limit switches)
  • Bale Separation door allows for 8” of over charge
  • All safety E-Stops monitored by a redundant monitoring system


Baler Quick Specs


20hp ; (30hp Optional) TEFC Motor 460 Volt 3 Phase. Efficiency of hydraulic system allows for higher production rates with lower horsepower required


A simple but innovative hydraulic system allows the 2R185 to run faster and more efficiently while being more serviceable. Highly efficient piston pump rated for 5,100 psi runs at only 4,200 psi ensuring less stress and long life. All pumps are mounted below tank level to eliminate start-up cavitation and extend pump life.

Hydraulic System

Regenerative, 4,100 psi hydraulic pressure, 4500 psi max system pressure

Platen Force

180,562 lbs.

Platen Pressure

109 psi.

Cycle Time

SHORT : 24 seconds; FULL : 29 seconds

Additional Information

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