Curbtender Titanium Front Loader

Introducing the Curbtender Titanium Front Loader

Light on Weight, Heavy on Tough

In the world of waste management, municipal and company fleets demand durability, efficiency, and innovation. Meet the Curbtender Titanium Front Loader: where the strength of a heavyweight meets the agility and efficiency of a featherweight champion. Designed with the ingenuity of rear load body concepts, the Titanium sets a new standard for front loader design. With a body that compacts more but weighs significantly less than traditional front loaders, the Titanium offers an unparalleled combination of durability and operational efficiency.

Sized to Your Need

Understanding that no two operations are identical, the Titanium is offered in three versatile body variants: 27 cubic yards, 32 cubic yards, and 40 cubic yards. Whether you’re managing city waste for small communities or large municipalities, or navigating the unique challenges of private waste management companies, there’s a Titanium model sized perfectly for your needs.

Automatically Easy

Say goodbye to the cumbersome manual adjustments of yesterday. The Titanium standardizes excellence with electronically proportional controls and a simple-to-use joystick that automates the lift cycle. Now, adapting to the contours of different cab configurations is effortless. Pull the joystick back, and the Titanium takes over, ensuring smooth, consistent operation every time.

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