Waste & Recycling Carts


Cascade Cart Solutions is a symbol of excellence in residential carts. Our carts have performed in the industry since 1989, and are compatible with all ANSI approved semi and fully automated lift systems. Backed with a 10 year warranty, Cascade’s carts are guaranteed to the highest standards, meeting or exceeding all ANSI requirements for safety, compatibility, and performance.

With the ICON Series from Cascade Cart Solutions you will get a product that is designed for exceptional performance, durability and functionality. The ICON Series is available in five different sizes – 96 gallon (Universal and Automated), 64 gallon (Universal), 35 gallon (Universal) and our newest member, the 32 gallon (Universal). Every  ICON Series cart is now a SmartCart outfitted with the Xtreme Tag brand of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Xtreme Tags are encapsulated RFID tags designed to withstand harsh environments and function in a wide range of temperatures. Whether you’re looking to implement technology at this point or not, the ICON Series cart comes with the infrastructure in place to take your program to zero waste.

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