The Titan, made by Curbtender Inc., is a high compaction heavy duty front loader. It comes standard with 8,000 lb single piece bolt-on arms with 4.5″ hydraulic cylinders. As an option, the Titan can be equipped with Curbtender’s patented 3 Piece Lift Arm. This robust option adds strength but also improves ease of maintenance. If an arm becomes damaged and needs repair, one individual section can be quickly and easily replaced. All three sections of the arm can ship together on one pallet, resulting in a dramatic freight savings.
Wayne Titan Standard Features:

Hopper front screen

Hopper wind screen

Hinged access door

Bolt-on arm with 8,000 lb. lift 4.5” cylinders

(2) 12” arm torque tube bearings

1 ½” thick, 43” long forks

Roof access Ladder (curbside)

Automatic cam-over-latch tailgate locking system

Adjustable “up arm” deceleration valve

Full eject design

Cab shield with hinged extension

Conspicuity tape and mud flaps

Catalog Item Spec Sheet: