RJ-30 High Density Compactor Extruder


Employing a specially designed curved tube, refuse is densely compressed inside the RJ-30, eliminating the need for a special compaction container. Because of the patented S-shaped tube, the RJ-30 achieves higher compaction ratios than any other compactor of its kind. The exclusive design of the RJ-30 discharges a densely compacted log of refuse into any size and type of receiving container. Eighteen to 24″ inch logs of refuse are gravity fed into the container.


  • Marathon’s RJ-30 features a patented curved tube and hydraulic choker that discharges a densely compacted log of refuse into any size and type receiving container
  • The material is compacted in the equipment and not in the container, making unloading fast and easy. The container is not attached to the RJ-30 which also saves time and eliminates spillage
  • The RJ-30 is UL® Listed and manufactured in accordance with applicable ANSI standards
  • The RJ-30 is built tough for years of trouble-free service. The body and ram are constructed of heavy steel plate and the hydraulic power unit (available mounted on the unit or separately) incorporates the latest technology for smooth operation and reduced noise levels
  • The RJ-30 is also available with de-liquefying options to remove high liquid content from waste, saving landfill costs

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