ProPAK 2R210 Two Ram Baler


  • Large “Wide Box” (57” W x 64” L), clear opening with standard tongue and groove floor, ideal for both post-Industrial cardboard and scrap metals, while easily processing paper, fiber, plastic and other recyclables.
  • Interlocking plate steel construction distributes stresses away from welds to tabbed locking joints.
  • Chassis floor and sides constructed of seamless single sheet plate steel.
  • Replaceable “AR” hardened wear liners allow for limitless replacement of all chassis wear surfaces for years of reliable service.
  • Multi edge replaceable shear blades reduce cost by allowing blade rotation to gain additional new cutting edges before blade replacement. Extended progressive cutting profile shears material over a long distance effectively reducing shear jams.
  • 400 gallon floor mounted hydraulic oil reservoir shipped full of oil.
  • Clogged oil filter sensor, high oil temp sensor and low oil level sensors automatically protect your investment while notifying the operator attention is needed.
  • Robust ram and door position transducers allow automatic control of bale size, final bale finishing, shear jam prevention, wire placement and bale ejection.
  • Bale separation door facilitates instant material changes and virtually eliminates cross contamination between bales. The door’s transducer positioning allows up to 13” oversized bales to eject without jam, yet closely guides the bale to the tier for tight bales and reduced fall-off.
  • All safety E-Stops and contactor resets monitored by a dual redundant safety relay system.

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