Pinch Conveyor Shredder


Maren Pinch Conveyor Shredders are engineered and manufactured to shred a wide variety of wastes including; corrugated sheet waste, set-up box’s folding carton scrap, paper cores, roll slab and much more.

Maren Pinch Conveyor Shredders offer more built-in features than the competition

  • Quiet Safe Operation
  • Fast, Easy Blade Replacement
  • Arbor Speed Sensor to prevent over feeding
  • “V”-grove belt tracking
  • Automatic Pinch Action
  • Completely pre-wired for easy installation

Maren Pinch Conveyor Shredders are designed to easily integrate as part of a complete pneumatic scrap handling system. Other configurations are also available including; piggy backed over a horizontal baling press, mounted directly over trash compactor or in-floor pit.

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