Stellar Industries is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment. Products include hook-lift hoists, cable hoists, container carriers, service cranes, and more.
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The Stellar Slider Series Hooklift is a body handling system mounted on a truck chassis that is capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various bodies with a wider range of lengths with the use of a hexagonal sliding jib.

Now with hydraulic adjustable hook heights, the Stellar Slider Series will handle 35.63″ (905 mm) to 61.75″ (1568mm) hook height bodies and will accommodate capacities up to 65,000 pounds (15,422kg).

The Stellar Slider series hooklift is known for its versatile design and ease of operation. All models of the Stellar Slider feature permanently lubricated and greaseable bushings used throughout, the Stellar patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low flow/high pressure hydraulic system.

Stellar Slider hooklifts provide a full-length dump frame and rollers positioned throughout the loader, instead of saddles with wear pads. All Stellar hooklifts operate using in-cab controls. This allows for precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve while offering a clear and safe view of the operation through the rear window.

  • The Slider will accommodate various length bodies and still attain the maximum rated dump angle.
  • Standard in-cab cable controls which allow for precise feathering.
  • Mechanical rear body tie-down system will match a multitude of different latch configurations.
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Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

No other hooklift manufacturer currently offers the flexibility of the Flex36. The Flex36 can handle dump containers ranging from 8′ to 15′ and flatbeds ranging from 10′ to 16′ and has a lifting capacity of up to 16,000-pounds. It has a maximum dump angle of 50 degrees to 54 degrees, depending on the length of body.

  • Standard in-cab manual controls which allow for precise metering of the manual hydraulic valve
  • Patented dump/load interface
  • Hydraulic locks to prevent cylinder movement in case of pressure loss
  • Mechanical rear body tie-down latches
  • Resettable dump/tilt tabs
  • Hydraulic plunger valve to prevent front tilt movement when the dump frame is raised
  • Full length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during the dump mode
  • DX pre-lubricated greasable bushings used at pivot points
  • Grease zerks at all pin points to allow purging of contaminates
  • Greasable load rollers
  • Zinc plated pins standard
  • Two-part polyurethane enamel
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The Stellar Industries Container Carrier can meet all your container delivery, switching, and now dumping needs – available with the optional 360-degree rotator attachment.

The Stellar Container carrier boasts an 8,000-pound lifting, dumping, and transporting capacity. The ECCR model features extendable forks for easy pick-up and placement of containers, continuous rotation for dumping from either side, and has the ability to distribute significantly more weight to the front axle than competitive models.

Stellar Container Carrier features include improved visibility of rear lights, less cylinders and seal kits to maintain, and an overall heavy-duty construction with the ability to move front-load and rear-load containers.

Equipped with the hydraulic 360-degree continuous rotator, the container carrier can dump front-load containers with no limit to the direction.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Where heavy hauling is required, look to the 65,000-pound Stellar Shuttle hooklift for the solution. These models are designed to handle the extremely heavy loads of both on and off-road hauling. The 65,000-pound Stellar Shuttles feature dual 7-inch bore lift/dump cylinders to keep the overall height and total weight as low as possible. Dual rear rollers with integral rear body tie-downs are standard.

The Stellar 65,000-pound hooklift loaders are available in both on-road and extra heavy-duty off-road versions. Off-road versions feature heavy double plate construction throughout. The rear portions of the dump section and base are constructed of 3″ thick solid steel plate. These massive hook loader machines are designed for heavy work in foundries, steel mills, and scrap yards.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The 52,000-pound Stellar Shuttle hydraulic hooklift loaders are the “Bread & Butter” models for our heavy hauling customers. With our unique single dump cylinder design, the Stellar 52,000-pound models can provide up to a ton more net payload than most competitive hooklift and roll-off units of equal rated capacity. The Stellar low flow/high pressure hydraulic system allows for weight savings in the hydraulic system as well by requiring a smaller hydraulic than competitive models

The Stellar 52,000-pound hooklift loaders have proven themselves in some of the roughest imaginable applications, including demolition debris hauling, self-contained compactor retrieval, off-and on-road construction, agriculture, and logging.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The 40,000-pound capacity Stellar Shuttle hydraulic hooklift loader is one of our most popular sizes for use in the construction industry. The shorter 108-14-40 is popular when teamed with a 13-foot dump body for general purpose hauling.

The 138-18-40 is ideal for use with 2,500-gallon water tank, vacuum tanker, or 16-foot dump body. The longer 174-20-40 and 190-22-40 models are solid values for hauling larger debris boxes or transporting heavy construction equipment, such as self-contained pavers, rollers, etc.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Stellar’s line-up of 20,000-pound capacity hooklift loaders offer the greatest selection of any hooklift manufacturer. With many different lengths available, the 20,000-pound Stellar hooklifts cover from 102″ to 200″ cab-to-axle lengths for single rear axle truck chassis.

With the broadest array of sizes, the Stellar 20,000-pound models have proven their use in a wide variety of uses. From roofers to recyclers, landscapers to lumber yards, the versatile Stellar 20,000-pound models can be found in most any application in locations around the world.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Based on our successful 40,000 and 52,000-pound capacity models, the 32,000-pound series is the right choice for those that are hauling a consistent weight or aiming for lighter loads.

The 32,000-pound capacity Stellar hydraulic hooklift loaders are designed for use with a heavy single rear axle or light tandem axle truck chassis. All Stellar 32,000-pound capacity hooklift loaders feature the taller 61.75-inch tall hook height; a feature common to all heavier capacity Stellar hooklift loaders.

The 108-14-32 is specially designed for municipal use with a short body. For a heavy single rear axle truck, the 108-14-32 offers maximum loading capacity with a short, highly maneuverable turning radius.

Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Stellar designed this special hooklift from the ground-up for the municipality or contractor who needed a short, maneuverable single axle truck with a high payload capacity. We determined through surveys of our distributors and end users that the most common body on this truck would be a dump body.

Designed for a truck with a CA of 84″, this model is proving its worth all across the country in tough day-in, day-out use. The 96-10-24 has since proved it is as equally suited for a salt spreader, vacuum tanker, asphalt patcher, or one of many other limited use applications.