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Building a cleaner, safer future for the world's sewer line infrastructure. Sewer Equipment provides the highest quality and most innovative sewer cleaning products. With a wide array of product offerings from high pressure, high volume trailer and truck-mounted sewer jetters, combination sewer cleaners, to rodders, bucket machines and easement machines, we have the equipment to help you get the job done right the first time.
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Sewer & Hydro Equipment

The RAMVAC 2000 Catch Basin Cleaner is a tandem axle (18,000#GVWR) vacuum trailer which features a 6 cubic yard debris box with 1/4″ extended steel construction. Additionally, it features a 320-degree working radius boom with a reach of 12 to 17 feet, a Caterpiller 122hp Diesel engine, 6″ vacuum system with 2400CMF and 18″ blower, cyclone separation, and 10-micron final filter with a vacuum enhancer. The RAMVAC 2000 also features Nema 4 controls and wireless remote options. The RAMVAC 2000 is best-selling, most powerful large trailer vac in the industry.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Sewer Equipment introduces a brand new product to the American sewer marketplace; The Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner. To clarify, it’s a jet vac truck that utilizes a 19,500 GVWR chassis. Therefore, operating and driving the Model 400 ECO doesn’t require a CDL in addition to offering the ability to enter a standard 8-foot parking structure. This powerful mini combination truck with a compact footprint is the only of its kind in the market today. This cost-effective mini combination sewer cleaner is great as an emergency response vehicle for large contractors and municipalities. Conversely, it is also a perfect fit for small to mid-size contractors and municipalities that are looking to add a vacuum component to their jetting operations.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

The GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner is the result of 50 years of experience, leading to the optimization of technology allowing water to be saved, separated and reused. Constructed for cleaning sewers and ducts, the Genesis works rapidly, efficiently and economically, recovering the used water for reuse on a continuous cycle.

Our competitors choose to modify existing sewer cleaning products with a bolt-on recycling component as an afterthought. The mechanical filtration process used by the competition limits the effectiveness of their systems. Filters become clogged when working in grease and water containing other small impurities. The passive separation approach employed by the GENESIS utilizes simple gravity, no filters and a true 5-stage system to separate the water from the impurities it contains. The GENESIS will continue to work when the competition has to quit.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: 184, 123, 254, 402

Producing water pressure at 4,000 PSI complemented with low water flow at 18 gallons per minute, Mongoose Jetters utilize 1/2″ diameter jetting hose to clean sewer and drain lines from 4 inch diameters and larger. Mongoose Jetters offers great sewer line cleaning versatility, capable of cleaning sewer laterals or mainline sewers between manholes. Increased water pressure at 4,000 PSI translates to increased cutting power to remove stubborn blockages, cut roots and to remove scale or hard grease accumulations. Mongoose Jetters allows sewer and drain cleaners to profitably tackle a wide array of pipeline problems. Mongoose Jetters offers a wide range of nozzles, attachments and accessories designed and tested to extract optimum cleaning performance out of every Mongoose Jetting unit in any job application.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: HX-1000, HX-2000, HX-3000, Catch Basin Cleaner

Great power, great features, and great value: The HX-1000, 2000, and 3000 is our trailer hydro excavator that stands head and shoulders above the best offerings of our competition. Great quality to the hydro excavation market. Power that is capability of a truck mounted hydro excavator on a trailer.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: HX-6, HX-3

The industry innovator inventing this class of excavator, these RAMVAC units are designed with the urban environment in mind from the start! Downtown it is all about maneuverability and functionality as you navigate the side streets and boulevards of today’s urban environment.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: HX-15, HX-12, HX9

RAMVAC full size excavator is the machine for ALL applications! This machine offers the most compact footprint, some 36” shorter than the competition, and the largest carrying capacity, more than 2500lbs. greater than the competition. All this combined with our heated water system enclosure and simple/reliable electrical system yield the best value in the industry today.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: Pull-In, Truck Loader

Cleans several sections without blocking traffic flow. Diesel or Gasoline engines available. Widest range of accessories & tools. Automatic loading of Trucks. Three different truck loader sizes available Heavy duty floating & dual scrolls available.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: 866-Continuous, 444-Sectional, 877-Continuous

Sewer Equipment Company of America rodders offer a fantastic sewer cleaning alternative to those communities looking to conserve water, fuel and budgetary resources.

This machine allows you the ability to cut roots all day without using a drop of water and only a small fraction of the fuel consumed by traditional jetters.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: JAJ-600WH, JAJ-600SK

Are you certain sewer pipes in your community neglected due to hard to reach manholes? Do your maintenance crews have to manually drag hose across easements or do they cause damage to yards, golf courses or environmentally sensitive areas when trying to get their trucks close enough to service these remote line?

If this is the case, an easement machine would be an invaluable asset to your fleet. Offered in two configurations, JAJ-600WH (extendable track), and JAJ-600SK (skid mounted) units extend the reach of your sewer jetting truck or trailer by 500 feet or more and reduce sewer overflows by easing maintenance tasks.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: 747-FR2000, 545, 747-FR2000 TV

Generations of experience have resulted in the development of the most advanced water jet equipment ever produced. Experience has proven the importance of choosing the proper trailer jet for your particular safety and performance needs.

We offer a wide variety of trailer jet equipment all based on the industry leading Model 747-FR2000 design.

Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Models: 800-A, 800-H, 800-HPR TV, 800-APR, 800-HPR ECO, 800-HF, 747-TK TV, 747-TK

There is several varieties of truck jets. The top of the line 800-HPRTV Truck Jet is equipped with the innovative and unique Umbilical Cord* – this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable.

This unit also comes with Dual Patented Telescoping/Rotating/Pivoting Hose Reels. When in operation, the rear roll-up door opens and the hose reels “Telescope” out of the heated rear compartment – and are now able to “Rotate/Pivot” 190 degrees for maximum access to difficult to reach manholes. To learn more about individual models click on the links to the left, or on one of the images below.


Sewer & Hydro Equipment

Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner

Sewer Equipment Co. of America introduces the Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner truck. The 900 ECO utilizes proven technologies to deliver a machine with a simplicity that is unequaled in the combo jet vac truck industry. As with our leading 747 ECO trailer jet and 800-HPR ECO truck jet, the Model 900 ECO operating platform offers the best in class fuel efficiency and noise reduction for operator safety. Sewer Equipment: Best Products, Best Local Support.

It all starts with our patented “Hydro Drive” power train system. The Hydro Drive powers the pump and blower in addition to the auxiliary hydraulic systems. When you are ready to work, simply put the truck in neutral and apply the parking brake and exit the cab while the combo truck remains in neutral and power is taken directly from the chassis engine, assuring operator safety during operation, as there is no transfer case to slip into gear.

Simplicity is Key.

The simplicity at the operator’s station begins with the flip of one switch: Work Mode. The operator can utilize the remaining three switches (water pump, blower, and throttle) to go to work with ease. What’s more, is that there are no special sequences required, that’s it! Additionally, simplicity continues with the use of 12-volt electrical switches, relays, and solenoids throughout the truck, making it easy for mechanics to run diagnostics and maintain the equipment. Moreover, no special laptops or software programs required; all you need is a simple test light and a hydraulic pressure gauge.

The ECO 900 Combination Sewer Cleaner will help you get the job done right, the first time.

The Model 900 ECO was designed with an intentional lack of integration between the module and the chassis. There is only one integration that exists; the OEM throttle control port. This lack of integration eliminates problems caused by CAN Bus communication issues, typically experienced with competitor designs.