Petersen Industries

Petersen Industries, an NJPA awarded vendor, is the waste industry’s leading knuckleboom manufacturer, and has been manufacturing top of the line grapple truck systems since 1957.
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Our standard garbage trailer is heavy duty! The trailer includes 3″ pintle eye, jack stand, quick couplers, and 15,000 lb capacity drawbar. Designed for use with Petersen models RL-3 and RL-2.

  • Available with single or dual axle
  • Electric brakes are standard
  • Body lights are inset or flush mounted
  • Single sheet 3/16″ floor
  • 10 gauge sides, headboard, and doors
  • Side stakes 3″ x 4″ formed channel
  • 4″ cross sills on 12″ centers
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The model AL-1 Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy-duty grapple truck mounted onto a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen’s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. The loader operates from a seated platform that rotates with the boom. CNG Capable.


Atlas is designed to save time in multiple areas:

  • The work-site set-up is easier and quicker with custom outrigger placement and a boom that can continuously rotate 360° degrees.
  • During operation, the variable speed pump allows you to use any combination of functions without slowing down while dumping. The dump hoist is power up and gravity down with twin multi-stage telescopic cylinders, giving us a 45% faster dump cycle.


In this industry, it’s not only about how many hits you can take but about how long you can keep operating at peak performance. That’s why Atlas offers:

  • A state-of-the-art hydraulic and filtration system designed to keep this vital portion of the loader running as smoothly as possible.
  • Fully skinned bucket and body in Hardox 450 steel for extreme wear and tear.


Atlas delivers maximum power during all stages:

  • Lifting – Whether it’s a tree or a Suburban, our lift cylinders can handle any job.
  • Crushing – Twin cylinders on the Big Bite Bucket can make short work of the
    small stuff.
  • Dumping – We have the heaviest and most stable lifting hoist for whatever you’ll be loading throughout the day.
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The TL-3 is Petersen Industries’ most popular and versatile unit. A single operator can load, haul and dump trash with this unit.

  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescoping extension
  • Lifts 3,200 lbs. when fully extended at 20 ft.
  • At 10 ft. maximum lift capacity is 7,100 lbs.
  • All-purpose anti-scalping trash bucket features low maintenance single cylinder design
  • Dump body sizes range between 20 and 30 cubic yards
  • ANSI Z245 compliant
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers or into separate haul trucks.

  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescopic extension
  • Standard control type is dual walk-thru
  • Also available with patented QUADSTICK® controls – 4 six function mechanical joysticks
  • Trailer package option – includes float control, pintle hitch, diverter valve, and quick coupler
  • Boom stows in rear rack or in trailer
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The PL-3 is a loader and body that we plumb to fit your existing roll-off. Adds capabilities to your fleet without having to dedicate a truck full-time.

  • 20 ft. reach includes 4 ft. tip extension
  • 24 cubic yard body standard
  • Can be installed on your existing roll-off
  • Dual walk-thru controls
  • Only takes a minute to disconnect
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Great system for high volume route collection. The most advanced and efficient system for collecting trash on the market. Two features that set this rear steer truck unit apart are the ability to drive in reverse from the operator’s station and not needing outriggers for most loading operations.

  • Twin mechanical joystick controls
  • Operator cab has air-conditioning, heat, air-ride seat and windshield wipers
  • Operator cab also features all normal driving controls for driving backwards; brakes, acceleration, horn, etc.
  • 20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescopic extension
  • Large counter-weight and suspension locks add stability for loading
  • Counterbalance valves on all boom cylinders for safety
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The DL-3 does more volume! Introducing the model DL-3, nicknamed “the Twister”. Engineered for high volume collection operations after hurricanes, ice storms, or tornadoes. Operated by dual mechanical joystick controls located at the stationary top-mount seat. The DL-3 is great for disaster cleanup but is also versatile enough that you can use it for your regular bulky trash and brush collection routes and need a larger body size.

  • Faster than chipping and less invasive than a wheel loader
  • Single operator turn-key system
  • Great tool for hauling land clearing or site prep debris
  • Duty cycle rated and proven
  • Stationary top-mount mechanical joystick controls
  • 40-45 cubic yard trash dump body
  • ANSI Z245 Compliant
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

The Model BL-3 is a 20 ft. knuckleboom loader that is permanently mounted in front of a roll-off.  You can use your existing roll-off boxes with this system.

  • Loads into multiple containers without ever leaving the route
  • Available with walk-thru or top mounted controls
  • Accommodates most containers
Hoists, Container Carriers & Grapple Trucks

Introducing the CP-3 container transport Lightning Loader@. This model was designed to make your container pick-up and deliveries more efficient, saving time and fuel. This container transport truck can carry three large containers at once or many smaller ones. The CP-3 container lifts and hauls containers, letting you get the job done quicker with no trailer required. The operator is able to minimize the headache and downtime that comes with hooking up, loading, hauling, and backing a trailer.

The CP-3 unit works with a grapple arm by utilizing Petersen’s patented crab container lifting attachment engineered to automatically lock onto ANSI compliant commercial front load containers. The arm extends out and latches itself onto the containers. The arm then swings the container over and places it on the back of the truck. If there is more than one container, you will repeat the process as money times as necessary to get all of the containers onto the body. The body features low sides for easy loading.