Leach offers a solution for automated garbage collection with rear loaders.
Refuse & Recycling Trucks

The Leach Mini Rear Loader is a small and maneuverable garbage truck that will go where full size garbage trucks won’t go. All available configurations from 8 to 17 yd³, are FET exempt. The large hopper makes it a highly productive unit.
It’s wide enough to handle commercial containers. The 8 yd³ and 10.5 yd³ configurations can be mounted on most non-CDL type of chassis.

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

The Leach Alpha-III allows you to collect more refuse per cubic yard than any other truck. Its diamond-shape ejection panel combined with its curved body technology guarantee loads are evenly distributed and that available volume is fully maximized.

By avoiding refuse pre-compaction in the hopper, we ensure your truck will not require expensive floor repairs. Proven time and time again, anything you throw in this truck, from everyday refuse to big bulky items, the Alpha-III will crush it and put it in its place. Suitable for residential and commercial collection, the Leach Alpha-III offers power and versatility at the same time.

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd3 hopper, 5.5”packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach™ 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today.