Curbtender has been the leading manufacturer of chassis-mounted productivity solutions for the solid waste industry.
Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne FURY Standard Features:

Curved shell body

Auto back-pack

Engine accelerator

Reservoir sight gauge

Chrome cylinder rods

30X34” Access door (street-side)

Backup alarm

Driver alert buzzer (curbside)

High-Mount rear light bar

Work lights

LED ANSI/DOT lighting

12 Month Body 24 Month Cylinder Warranty

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne Titan Standard Features:

Hopper front screen

Hopper wind screen

Hinged access door

Bolt-on arm with 8,000 lb. lift 4.5” cylinders

(2) 12” arm torque tube bearings

1 ½” thick, 43” long forks

Roof access Ladder (curbside)

Automatic cam-over-latch tailgate locking system

Adjustable “up arm” deceleration valve

Full eject design

Cab shield with hinged extension

Conspicuity tape and mud flaps

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne PHOENIX Standard Features:

Curved Shell Body

Auto back-pack

Engine accelerator

Reservoir sight gauge

Chrome cylinder rods

Access door street side

Back-up alarm

Driver alert buzzer (curbside)

High-mount rear light bar

Work lights

LED ANSI/DOT lighting

Mud flaps

12 month Body/ 24 month Cylinder warranty

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne QUANTUM Standard Features:

High strength curved shell body

Patented packing mechanism

Rear fenders

Curved floor that provides liquid sump

Low body height

Easy to Maintain

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne PUP Standard Features:

Upper & lower hopper

Manual controls on both sides of body

Manual Tailgate

Safety interlocks

Packs a ton – fits on one-ton trucks

Loads from both sides

Totally enclosed hopper – keeps trash contained

Full-eject unloading, no body tipping

Truck-mounted or trailer mounted models

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne Autocat Standard Features:

High strength, curved shell body design

10, 12, 14 and 18 yard capacity

6 foot arm reach

14-second arm cycle time

Lifts container close to truck

17-second packing cycle time

Dual-side clean-out doors

45 container dump angle

Ultra-high strength abrasion resistant steel 450 floor

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

Wayne TOMCAT Standard Features:

Chiseled shell design

Ultra-high strength-to-weight ratio

Low loading height

Loads from both sides

Simultaneous load-and-pack

14-16 second packing cycle time

Standard 8” side doors

No-fall back design

Curved tailgate

Tilt-for-Transfer design

Refuse & Recycling Trucks

G4 Standard Features


Handles 30-450 gallon containers

1,500 lbs lift capacity @ 7 ft. reach
Trunion mounted arm rollers to insure rollers sit flat on wear strips
Heavy wall outer boom tube for increase stiffness
Igus “Energy Chain” hose guide to protect rolling hoses
Grease-less bushings on traveling portion of arm for reduced routine maintenance


Large 4 cu. yd. hopper
“Snap On” traveling cover rollers with chrome plated axles for longer life
AR400 body floor for longer life
Smoother hopper to body transition for better wear
Standard hopper liner for easier rebuild
Light weight bolt-on fenders

Full Eject or Tip-To-Dump

Abrasion Resistant hopper & floor sides & Body Floor

Hydraulic System:
Power on Demand load sense system for improved efficiency
O-ring Face Seal hydraulic connectors for reduces leaks
Smart grip and dump cylinders to eliminate external position sensors
Electric proportional arm valve for better control

Electric Control System:
SAE J1939 Canbus is used to link components reducing wire harness sizes
Mobile equipment specific components for more reliability
Color in cab display for improved operator interface