Truck Jets


Models: 800-A, 800-H, 800-HPR TV, 800-APR, 800-HPR ECO, 800-HF, 747-TK TV, 747-TK

There is several varieties of truck jets. The top of the line 800-HPRTV Truck Jet is equipped with the innovative and unique Umbilical Cord* – this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable.

This unit also comes with Dual Patented Telescoping/Rotating/Pivoting Hose Reels. When in operation, the rear roll-up door opens and the hose reels “Telescope” out of the heated rear compartment – and are now able to “Rotate/Pivot” 190 degrees for maximum access to difficult to reach manholes. To learn more about individual models click on the links to the left, or on one of the images below.


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