Featured Employee

Featured Employee

Nick Nieffenegger

Nick Nieffenegger has been with SWS for 15 years and is a person of many talents. Nick has worked as Inside Sales Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator and is now Warranty Administrator and Parts Agent. Where there is a need at SWS, Nick steps up and fills it. Over the last 15 years Nick has attended multiple classes in order to advance his knowledge and career.
He came to SWS from the US Army as a Parts and Logistic Specialist. When coming to SWS he had very little experience in the refuse industry but that didn’t intimidate him from jumping right in and becoming successful.
Nick grew up in Newberg, Oregon and as a kid wanted to become a doctor or astronaut, two very different careers. He moved to Spokane, WA about 27 years ago and has two awesome boys, 13 and 10. Nick spends most of his time away from work with his boys; camping, gold prospecting and just enjoying the Northwest outdoors. Nick also loves crafting beer and wine. Three things that no one at SWS knew about Nick; he was a paratrooper in the army, he loves to cook and likes to watch documentaries when falling asleep.
When asked what he likes most about being part of the SWS team, he replied, “The working atmosphere. It is like we are a real family. Each employee truly cares for their co-workers. We do activities together outside of work. From riding the bicycle trolleys down town to serving the homeless at the UGM. I also like the business philosophy at SWS. Especially the focus on our customers. I’ve never worked in an environment where this is stressed and practiced to such a high degree. SWS has grown a lot during my tenure here. There are always new challenges to tackle. I look forward to the next 15 years!”
Nick’s dedication to SWS shows every day through the hard work he puts in. SWS is grateful to have such a great person as part of the team.

Tanya Walter

Tanya Walter has been with SWS for almost 5 years. She is the inside sales representative for Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana and is the woman behind the scenes, ensuring every sale is flawless from signatures to deliv­ery.

Tanya has been in the Spokane area for about 5 years and moved here to be closer to family after spending 10 years in beautiful Bozeman Montana. She was born and raised in “The last Frontier” Alaska. When Tanya was little, she was always fascinated with Greek Mythology, Egyptology and animals. She wanted to grow up to be an Archeologist or a veterinarian. A few things that no one knows about Tanya: she held a commercial driver’s licenses in the state of Montana and can parallel park a 33 foot bus, she passed a winter survival course building a fire in the snow with only one match, and she drew the button for the 1998 Alaskan Iditarod Race.

Tanya spends a great deal of time experimenting with food and cooking healthy meals for her family. When the weather is nice she spends as much time as possible hiking, biking, camping and exploring the Northwest.

When asked what she likes most about working for SWS, she replied, “The industry and related position is consis­tently changing; this creates an engaging environment where you are always learning and being challenged. SWS specifically creates a family friendly environment and shows a genuine interest in each of their employees, making you feel part of the team”.

SWS is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team member. Tanya’s strive for perfection shows in her day-to-day tasks and she is an integral part of the team. Her caring personality gives our customers and other team members a sense of belonging. Tanya is always going above and beyond and SWS is truly grateful to have Tanya as part of the team.

Brandon Brubaker

Brandon Brubaker has been with SWS for about 2 years and was originally hired to handle all ac­counts payable. Around 6 months ago he transitioned into our purchasing and inventory position. Brandon graduated from Boise State University with a finance degree. When he came to SWS, the street waste and sewer industries, as well as the part we play as a distributor, were growing and changing. He has taken on those challenges with adaptation and his own professional growth.

Brandon spent the first 4 years of his life in California before his family settled in Post Falls. He moved to Boise while attending college and after graduating, came back to Post Falls. When he was little, he dreamed of being a professional baseball player.

When Brandon isn’t working, he is busy enjoying the outdoors of north Idaho. He plays pretty much every sport, as well as spending time snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding and skurfing during the summer.

When asked what the best advice he has given someone was, his response was “stay in school. School is super important if you want to be successful”.

Brandon came to SWS with a great attitude and a great work ethic. His hard work and reliabil­ity, as well as his positive personality, helps make SWS a great company. When asked what Brandon likes most about SWS, he replied “How family oriented it is. Everyone gets along with everyone”. SWS is grateful to have such a dedicated person on the team.

Rafael Cordova-Lopez

Rafael has been with SWS for over 3 years as a Western Washington Service Technician. Before moving to the Seattle area, Rafael lived in Tuscan, Arizona where he was a Service Technician with a local company for 12 years.
Rafael is from a beautiful little town called Esperanza, Mexico. The Spanish word Esperanza means hope. When Rafael is not working, he enjoys playing drums and cooking meals for his family.
A few things that people don’t know about Rafael; when he was little he wanted to be an airline pilot, he is a shy person and many times would rather just listen than talk and Rafael is a dedicated family man, who works hard for his family and always puts them first.
When asked what he likes most about working on the SWS team, he replied, “all the support I get from everyone and SWS has everything needed to be good at my job and to do a good job for the customer”.
Rafael is a huge asset to our SWS Tacoma shop and we are very lucky to have such a skilled compactor and baler technician on our team.

Brandy Wood

Brandy Wood has been with SWS for almost two years. She is responsible for processing all payments, invoicing, collections and handling customers’ questions. Brandy is one of the first faces you see when visiting our office in Spokane.
Raised in Sonoma County, California, Brandy moved to Spokane, WA in September of 2015 with 3 of her 4 kids. One word that best describes Brandy is outgoing. When she is not at work, she is exploring the beautiful lakes and rivers in this area. A few things that people don’t know about Brandy is; she leads worship at church, she hates the feeling of actual cotton and she is a total daddy’s girl.
The office wouldn’t be the same without Brandy. Her positive and bubbly personality is a pleasure! When asked what she likes most about working at SWS, she responded “I have the privilege of coming to work every day and working with the most incredible people who care about each other and about what they do. We all make such a great team. We are always putting our customers and their needs first, which is a common goal that we all share. This makes it so easy to work for this great company.” Brandy is an ambitious and incredibly hard-working person who is a joy to work with. She is a true team player who always has a positive demeanor and she brings out the best in her coworkers. She is an all-around great person and SWS is grateful to have found such a dedicated and driven person.

Jim Forney

Jim has contributed to the success of SWS for over 16 years. As a truck technician, he came to SWS with an extensive background in truck repair. He has his Associate’s Degree in Heavy Equipment Repair and numerous certifications including Labrie, Leach, Wittke, Wayne, Schwarze, New Way, Vac-Con and many others. Jim, a native Texan, lived in Montana then Oregon before settling down in Spokane in 1975. When Jim isn’t working he enjoys flying, fishing, art and weightlifting. The best advice that Jim could give, “Never wrestle crocodiles blind folded”… totally fits his personality.
SWS is grateful to have such a dedicated and hardworking individual. When asked what he likes most about working at SWS he replies, “The constant challenges”. His eccentric personality and motivation to conquer any challenge thrown at him, makes Jim an outstanding
asset for SWS.

JB – (Jim Breeden)

Jim Breeden, who goes by JB, has been the Service Manager at SWS a little over 2 years.  JB moved to the Spokane area a little over two years ago as well, with his wife, son and 5 step sons.  His ambition definitely shows at SWS and in his everyday life.  When not at work he enjoys hunting, fishing, outside activities and relaxing at home with his new granddaughter.  JB always goes above and beyond when it comes to work.  He is always trying to help others and is very dedicated to SWS.  When asked what he likes most about SWS, he says “the family atmosphere, everyone working here is like family.  We all work hard and have fun together and are willing to help the other to make sure the customers are happy”.  JB is a huge asset to SWS and we are very lucky to have such a hardworking and dedicated person managing our service department.

Roger Beatty

Roger brings a world of experience with him, as well as an established, respected reputation in the refuse industry.  He worked as a heavy equipment operator and foreman for 20 years before ending that career with Knife River in 1998.  At that time, he started his sales career with Missoula Freightliner and then in 2004 went to work for Montana Peterbilt selling heavy and medium duty trucks.  While at Montana Peterbilt, he became specialized in the Montana State refuse industry. Roger and his family lives in Missoula, Montana.   His wife Deanna is a Cardiac Rehab specialist.  His son is a sheriff in Missoula County, his oldest daughter is a teacher in Missoula, and his youngest daughter is a flight attendant for Mesa airlines. He loves the outdoors including camping, hiking, fishing, and spending time on his ATV.  His passion is archery hunting.  He has hunted in over a dozen states and 3 Canadian Provinces.  He has a passion for everything he does and we couldn’t be happier to have him at SWS.

Miranda Remington

Miranda Remington joined SWS in December of 2014 as our Accounts Payable and Job Costing Specialist. Her attention to detail and affinity for numbers has made her a huge asset. Miranda is a US Army Veteran and is currently finishing her BA in Accounting with a minor in Sociology. Before coming to work for SWS, Miranda’s experience in the street, waste and sewer industry encompassed taking the trash to the curb every Wednesday night. Needless to say she has come a long way. Miranda’s fun and active personality radiates throughout the office. Her congeniality and quick wit will bring a smile to your face as you laugh out loud. When asked what she likes most about working at SWS, she replied, “The people at SWS are incredibly kind. They work as a team and have realized that we’re all striving for the same goals. Though I’m new to the industry, I’ve never been turned away when I have a question. Everyone has been very patient and understanding.” SWS is very lucky to have such an incredible person working on our team.


Rob Matthias

Rob moved to Spokane from the LA, California area two years ago with his wife and three kids. Soon after, he started working for SWS. Rob enjoys snowboarding, working on his house and spending hours and hours playing with his kids. When he was little, he always imagined growing up to be a Pro soccer player. A Service Technician is a far cry from a soccer player, but Rob’s enthusiasm for whatever he does certainly shows on the job. One thing that Rob learned growing up, was to never give up and he has brought that attitude to SWS, which has made him a huge asset to our team. Rob has received numerous technical certifications; Schwarze A Series and Mechanical sweepers, Wayne and Labrie refuse trucks and Marathon Equipment. His “can do” attitude and passion to satisfy his customers, fits right in with the SWS philosophy. We are very lucky to have such a motivated person on our team.

Travis Mason

Travis Mason has been with SWS for two years. He is a compactor technician at our Tacoma location. He comes to SWS with over 13 years’ experience in climbing in and out of compactors and balers to make sure they are running perfectly. Because he enjoys the troubleshooting part of his job, we always know Travis will get the job done. Travis came from a military family so has experienced living in many parts of the US. This is probably why he loves to travel whenever he gets the chance. Travis has been living in the Tacoma area for 13 years. During his spare time, Travis likes to hang out with his son and watch movies.
SWS is fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking person on our team. When we asked Travis what he likes about SWS, he replied “literally the best place I’ve worked because of the people being nice and helpful. SWS is like my second family”.